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Assisted Dip / Chinning Machine
Our PF362 Assisted Dip / Chinning Machine allows every lifter, regardless of their fitness level, to perform chinning and dipping exercises through the weight stack assist mechanism. Simply select the amount of assistance you require on the weight stack and stand on the assist bar to perform your counterbalanced dips and chin-ups. The assist mechanism works on linear bearings for a smooth solid movement. Standard and neutral rubber encased chinning hand grips enable lifters to meet their specific training goals. The stand-up design provides a natural feeling when training. The two step design creates a safe entry into and exit from the machine. This is a great dual function station to safely train people in how to do chin ups and dips.

FOOTPRINT: W: 40", L: 47", H: 90"

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Assisted Dip / Chinning Machine
PRICE $2220.00 (Click Here for Complete Price List)
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