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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order my equipment in different colors?

– Yes, depending upon the line that you order. Our line can be ordered in several different upholstery colors and frame colors, many at no additional cost to you.

What is the lead time for my order?

– has relationships with various manufacturers. The manufacturers each set the lead time for their orders to ship, depending upon how their business operates. Our Made in the USA line generally takes approximately 8 weeks to ship, but multiple piece orders and custom orders can take longer. Your representative will be able to guide you in how long your individual order may take.

How do I place an order?

– It’s easy. Simply call us or email us and we’ll answer your questions, get your shipping quote and get back to you with your total cost. You can also use our online shopping cart to get a pre shipping total for all that you need. Our Ordering Info page on our website is there to show you how easy ordering is.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

– No. At, we strive to help our customers by providing great quality equipment at very low discounted prices. By not accepting credit cards, we can keep our prices at the absolute minimum to you while also showing that we trust you by accepting your personal check as well as many other forms of payment.

Why do I have to pay in full to place my order?

– Manufacturers require payment to produce and ship orders. Your payment needs forwarded on to the manufacturer for them to get your order into their production schedule. This keeps your order running smoothly.

Do you accept purchase orders?

– No. Payment needs to be made so that your order can enter into the production schedule.

Do you have complete gym packages?

– Yes, and at great discounted prices. Our sales team will customize a complete gym package to suit your type of facility and your specific needs so that you will get the very best for less.

How long have you been in business?

– We started in the fitness equipment industry business in 1986.

Do you provide assembly / installation of equipment?

– Yes. We work with a national assembly group who can assemble / install your equipment for an additional charge.

Can I get other products like cardio equipment, flooring and plates from you at a discounted price?

– Yes, and, if we include them as part of your complete gym package, you will get an even lower price because of the total package discount.

Do you deliver inside of my building?

– The usual delivery is curbside at the facility. For an additional charge, you can get a lift gate service or even an inside delivery. Please note that you will need to request this prior to getting your shipping quote.

How long is a shipping quote good for?

– At, we strive to get you the lowest shipping rate for your equipment by using various sources for shipping. Shipping quotes are given by various shipping companies. With fuel costs changing frequently, a shipping quote is generally valid for 30 days, after which we may need to rerun your quote to see the current rate.

Do you provide service maintenance agreements?

– We work with a company who will provide you with a preventative service maintenance agreement tailored to your needs at an additional charge. The agreement will be between you and the company and is separate from

What are your warranties?

– The warranties come directly from the manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different warranties for their equipment. At, we put you directly in touch with the respective manufacturer of your equipment should you need any service work that is covered under warranty.

Can I get service on equipment that is no longer covered under warranty?

– Yes, through our national service group at an additional charge.