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Here are just a few comments from the many satisfied customers whom we have helped –

I haven’t been an easy customer to deal with. Hopefully, this letter can give some insight into how difficult a purchase like this is to make. Nathan has been extremely patient with me and he’s made every effort to make sure that my needs were met. My final shipment is arriving tomorrow and I expect it to be okay as well. If it isn’t, I’m confident that Nathan can help me through it. This is my first venture into business for myself. It is equally frustrating, exhilarating, and liberating. In a perfect world, this studio will thrive and I can branch out to open another facility just like it in a nearby area. If I am that fortunate, I will certainly bring my business back to your company.Jason Hudson, Ohio
You are absolutely the man! I would not change a single piece of equipment.Jonathan in Beaumont, TX
It’s been great doing business with you guys. Nathan was very helpful throughout my purchase and I will definitely look to do business with your company again in the future.Joe in Lowell, MA
I will always recommend you to anyone who is talking about weights or fitness equipment.Richard in Africa
Everything seems to be just fine so far and if I need any assistance, I will go ahead and give you a call. Thank you again for your services, it was a pleasure working with you.Victoria in California
The power rack was delivered today. It is more than I expected.Todd in Oregon
I spoke to the park superintendent and the new pieces are great!Denise in Illinois
No problem at all on the reference …you have been very upfront and followed through so far on everything for us.Steve in Wisconsin
Got the gym equip set up, it was perfect for what we needed. ThanksJohn
I couldn’t be happier. Awesome product. Thanks again for all your help.Kevin, in Kansas
The machine delivered is great!John, in Maryland
The frames/welds are the core of what I was after—very durable, heavy-duty, just as I was hoping.David G in Texas