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Lat Pulldown / Low Cable Row Machine
Perform lat pulldowns and low cable rowing on one superbly designed machine. Our PF217 Lat Pulldown / Low Cable Row Machine features easy pop pin adjustable knee hold down pads to lock the user into a secure position for overhead pulldowns. For rowing, simply hook the pulldown cable to the rowing cable and perform the rowing exercise utilizing the secure foot rest bar. You can also do upright shoulder rows and bicep curls from the lower pulley, adding to the versatility of this heavy duty combo machine. The frame consists of a 2" x 4" steel base with a 2.5" main frame for maximum durability. Ultra precision dual bearing pulleys insure a smooth motion throughout the life of the machine.

FOOTPRINT: W: 40", L: 56", H: 93"

Price:  $2,298.00

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