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Plate Loaded Shoulder Press - Iso-Lateral
Our PF570 Plate Loaded Power Shoulder Press Iso Lateral is the perfect answer for high performance athletes and also casual lifters who are looking to achieve superior strength coupled with the benefit of a higher level of safety. Ultra smooth independent iso lateral arm movement gives you the feel of free weights with the added safety of a machine. Dual grip rubber encased hand grips allow for palms inward pressing and standard wide olympic grip pressing movements. Angled weight posts provide an added measure of safety throughout the exercise movement. Additional features include built in olympic plate storage posts and dual over sized lifetime bearing units on each arm. The easily adjustable seat accommodates various users. The slightly angled back pad provides relief from lumbar stress throughout the exercise movement, allowing the lifter to train in safety and comfort. Muscles Targeted: Anterior and Medial Deltoids, Pectoralis Major, Upper Trapezius, Triceps.

FOOTPRINT: W 53", L 44", H 54"

Price:  $1,798.00

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