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Incline Bench Press w/ Plate Storage
All of our benches are designed and built to absorb the constant pounding of any World Class lifting facility. Our PF129SPB Incline Bench with Spotters Platform and Plate Storage has it all. Features include racking uprights lined with permanently attached "UHMW" wear guards which eliminate noise and any damage to your bar and the Bench Press. Additional features include Naugahyde brand vinyl, a wide back pad and 2" dual density high tech padding with built in memory. An EZ adjustable seat accommodates various user heights. The oversized heavy duty steel spotter's platform safely allows a spotter to assist the lifter. A wide stable base design allows you to lift heavy weight with security. The ergonomically angled back pad provides a great upper pectoral workout without added stress on the front deltoids. This model also includes built in plate storage bars for extra added versatility and convenience.

FOOTPRINT: W: 64", L: 68", H: 60"

Price:  $745.00

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