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Triumph Selectorized 10 Piece Circuit

Looking to open a new gym? Want to upgrade your old gym with new equipment? Then you'll want to take advantage of our special TRIUMPH Series 10-piece "essential" selectorized circuit discount gym package! This great package features machines to work out every major part of your members bodies. It includes:

TRIUMPH TH9923 Chest Press

TRIUMPH TH9913 Shoulder Press

TRIUMPH TH9910G Pec Deck / Rear Delt

TRIUMPH TH9911 Bicep Curl

TRIUMPH TH9930 Tricep Extension

TRIUMPH TH9920 Lat Pulldown

TRIUMPH TH9918 Ab/ Low Back

TRIUMPH TH9919 Leg Press

TRIUMPH TH9917 Leg Extension

TRIUMPH TH9921A Prone Leg Curl

Take advantage of this special package and take your gym to the next level!!

Old Price: $43,800.00

Price: $29,889.00

You save: 13911! (31.76%)

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