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Olympic Half Rack

Made from over sized 3" x 3" heavy wall square tubing with a 2" x 4" base, our PFOHR Olympic Half Rack allows unrestricted pressing and squatting movements in an open front, space saving design. Adjustable bar racking assemblies allow for any bar take off height while the adjustable locking safety bars allow you to lift with added security. The bar resting and safety arms are lined with protective UHMW, eliminating any steel to steel contact between your olympic bar and the rack, saving on the finish of both while reducing noise. Additional features include a built in chin-up bar as the top crossbrace and integrated plate storage posts that keep your weights conveniently at the exercise station while eliminating the need for additional weight trees.

Base: 2" x 4" Rectangle Tubing
Upper Frame: 3" x 3" Square Tubing
Inside Pressing Width: 44"

FOOTPRINT: W: 52", L: 64", H: 95”
Floor Width Including Plate Storage Bars: 66"

Handcrafted in the USA

Price: $1,098.00

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