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Power Station

Perform standing shoulder presses, squats and more with the safety of a heavy duty power rack with our PF375 Power Station. The olympic bar catch assemblies are placed at 4" intervals, providing the needed starting position adjustment for virtually any size lifter. Over sized safety bars easily adjust and can be removed depending on your specific need. 12 integrated plate storage posts provide for serious weight storage and convenience in keeping your weight plates close by, eliminating the need for additional weight trees.

Base: 2" x 4" Rectangle Tubing
Upper Frame: 3" x 3" Square Tubing
Inside Pressing Width: 44"
Overall Height: 78"
Floor Footprint: 51" Wide, 60" Deep
Floor Width Including Plate Storage Bars: 74"

FOOTPRINT: W: 74", L: 60", H: 78"

Handcrafted in the USA

Price: $1,175.00

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