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For hardcore training in a safe setting, our PF-CBSM Counterbalanced Smith Machine features a heavy duty performance olympic bar, cold rolled steel shafts, ultra smooth self aligning linear bearings for smooth, quiet performance and a powerfully built frame to stand up to the most intense lifters. Easy to view lockout bars allow the maximum safety while training.

FOOTPRINT: W: 72″, L: 56″ H: 90″
WEIGHT: 625 lbs.


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Sale Smith Machine

Our PF-SM Smith Machine features
– solid steel 1.25″ class 60 linear shafting
– ultra smooth self aligning linear bearings
– a powerfully built frame to stand up to the most intense lifters
– easy to view safety release catches provide for maximum safety while training.

Due to its heavy duty construction and simple operation, this is an ideal unit for both the novice weightlifter and the serious fitness enthusiast.

FOOTPRINT: W: 72″, L: 56″, H: 90”
WEIGHT: 550 lbs.


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Sale Smith Machine

Smooth functionality allows you to train both safely and effectively 

  • Heavy Duty Full Commercial 11 gauge steel tubing
  • Quick-Catch Safety Hooks acts as self-spotting mechanism
  • Various lift off starting positions
  • Linear Bearings for non-binding, smooth operation
  • Wide Base adds additional stability
  • Full Commercial Rated Olympic Bar
  • Allow 4’L x 8’W workout area



Made in the USA

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Price: $1,600.00

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Sale Linear Leg Press

A standard for any gym, Our PF-LLP Linear Leg Press features:

  • Heavy Duty Full Commercial 2 X 3 11 gauge steel tubing
  • Linear Bearings on large shafts for smooth operation without binding
  • Adjustable Seat Back for proper leg starting position
  • Self Contained Weight Storage Holders
  • Two E-Z catch safety stop handles

FOOTPRINT: W: 58″, L: 88″


Made in the USA



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Price: $2,050.00

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Sale Bicep Curl Machine

Perfect for use in any fitness facility or circuit, our PF-BC Bicep Curl Machine features a rubber encased grip EZ curl bar style handle that automatically adjusts to each lifter, easing wrist strain that’s commonly associated with bicep curl exercises. The seat is angled and easily adjustable to allow for correct bio-mechanical positioning. With heavy duty arm support cushioning and a full chest support pad, this machine provides enhanced comfort throughout the exercise movement while blasting the biceps.



Old Price: $2,500.00

Price: $1,850.00

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Sale Seated Preacher Curl Bench

Our PF-SPCB Preacher Curl Bench features an extra wide arm pad to accommodate various size lifters. The chest support pad enables proper body alignment, preventing the armpits from digging into the top of the angled, dense arm pad and is much more comfortable than the old fashioned rolled type preacher tops which can break down faster and need replaced. An oversize bar rest allows for quick and easy bar placement between sets and is UHMW wear guard protected to keep the frame looking new even after taking a pounding.

FOOTPRINT: H: 42″, W: 32″, L: 42″
WEIGHT: 95 lbs.

Old Price: $795.00

Price: $555.00

You save: 240! (30.19%)

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Sale Lat Pulldown Machine

The strong, compact design of our PF-LPM Lat Pulldown Machine allows lifters to perform cable pulldowns in front or behind the head. The adjustable knee hold down pads hold the user’s feet firmly on the floor, allowing proper positioning to be maintained during the workout. Permanently attached UHMW wear guards protect the upper frame from damage by a swinging bar or handles. Muscles Targeted: Latissimus Dorsi, Midtrapezius, Rhomboids


Handcrafted in the USA

Old Price: $2,500.00

Price: $1,630.00

You save: 870! (34.80%)

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Seated Row Machine

Our PF215 Seated Row Machine is an ideal machine for a circuit or for anyone wanting to develop strong back muscles in a safe exercise motion. The easily adjustable chest support pad provides the maximum range of movement while working the muscles of the upper back. The seat also adjusts to align the chest properly with the chest support pad. Large sealed precision bearings ensure strict, silky smooth operation for the life of the machine. Rubber encased dual grip handles allow for a variety of hand placement.

FOOTPRINT: W: 40″, L: 57″

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Handcrafted in the USA

Price: $1,948.00

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Forty-Five Degree Hyperextension

Train the muscles of your Lower Back Region as well as well as your hip extensors with our PF161 45 Degree Hyperextension Bench. This compact, easy to use unit features a split pad design and an easy adjustable foot platform that enables all size lifters to train with proper alignment and comfort. Muscles Targeted: Erector Spinea, Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus, Gluteus Maximus

FOOTPRINT: W: 36″, L: 51″

Handcrafted in the USA

Price: $542.00

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