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What's New ?
We have re-designed many of our existing Strength Training Machines and Benches, as well as added many new models. Also being introduced are some updated designs of machines such as our Leg Press, Shoulder Press, Cable Row, and our Lat Pulldown. New Power System Racks and Platforms will also be uploaded very soon!

Check back for new designs uploaded weekly. Also visit our new pages containing Plates, Bars, Dumbbells, and Handles.....

New Designs!

Scroll down for complete listing!

3 Station Lat Pulldown / Cable Crossover
4 Station Multi-Gym
5 Station Multi-Gym
Total Arm Machine

Spider Curl Machine
Plate Loaded Power Bicep Curl - Iso Lateral
Preacher Curl Bench
Dual Sided Standing Arm Curl

Super Power Bench
Incline Bench w/ Plate Storage
Military  Press Bench w/ Plate Storage
Pro Shoulder Press

Tricep Chair
45 Degree Hyperextension Bench
V Style Dip Rack - Pro - Over Sized
Combo Dip / Chinning Station

Assisted Dip / Chinning Machine
Counter-Balanced Smith Machine
Diesel 9225 Treadmill w/ Screen
Body-Solid Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill

Diesel Acceleration 707E Elliptical
Body-Solid B3U Commercial Upright Bike
Smith Machine

Smith Machine w/ Plate Storage
Plate Loaded Power Shoulder Press -  Iso-Lateral
Plate Loaded Power Flat Press - Iso Lateral
Plate Loaded  Power Incline Press - Iso Lateral

Plate Loaded Dip Machine
Power Fitness Select Series PF6 Sport Commercial Treadmill
BG6051 Pro Performance Treadmill
Power Bench w/ Adjustable Uprights

Power Bench w/ Spotting Arms
Power Rack w/ Lat Pull - Low Row
Power Rack w/ Lat Pull - Low Row Pro
Pro Safety Squat Rack

Power Station
Olympic Half Rack
Power Rack Deluxe
Power Rack Deluxe Pro

Power Rack Pro w/ Plate Storage
Monster Pro Leg Press
Angled Leg Press - PRO
Angled Leg Press - Bolt Together

35 Degree Hack Squat
Horizontal Leg Press
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Curl Machine

Standing Leg Curl
Seated Calf Raise
Seated Calf Raise w/Round Calf Block
Seated Calf Raise w/ Plate Storage

Standing Calf Raise Machine
Plate Loaded Standing Calf Raise w/ Round Calf Block
45 Degree Calf Raise
Plate Loaded Standing Calf Raise

45 Degree Calf Raise w/Round Calf Block
Tibia / Dorsi Flexion Machine
Cable Crossover Machine
Cable Crossover - PRO

Vertical Chest Press Machine
Plate Loaded Power Flat Press - Iso Lateral
Super Power Bench
Super Power Bench w/ Spotting Arms

Shoulder Press Machine
Angled Shoulder Press Machine
Lat Pulldown Machine
Lat Pulldown / Low Row, No Cable Change

Lat Pulldown / Low Cable Row Machine
Dual Station Lat Pulldown/Low Row
Cable Row Machine
T Bar Row
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